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10 Fun Friday Facts on Social Media, e-Commerce


December 29, 2011StatisticsNo comments

Christmas is just three days over, and we are counting down with 10 Fun Friday Facts on Social Media and e-Commerce, just few hours before Friday.

1.       Clozette’s expanding to the Japanese runway

Singapore’s fashion-focused social network Clozette, is partnering with Glam Media Japan to launch a Japanese version of its site. Clozette now receives around 85,000 unique visitors and 750,000 page views monthly, up from 80,000 unique visitors and 500,000 page views since September 2011.

2.       Livejournal Singapore experiences massive e-commerce growth

In Singapore, Livejournal is not used just for blogging, but as a platform for online retailers as well.  In particular, e-commerce in Singapore is booming on Livejournal with 1.2 million users and over 50,000 ”blogshops”, generating more than US$72 million worth of transactions in 2011.  Altogether, transactions represented approximately 6% of Singapore’s forecasted e-commerce volume of US$1.2 billion in 2011.

3.       Myspace to exit Japan

Myspace plans to exit from Japan from February 2012, although services will continue to be available for existing users.  It recorded just 1.09mil. users as of August 2011, compared to Facebook’s 6.0mil. strong Japanese users, or mixi’s 25.0mil. registered users.

4.       Online shopping increases by 18% in India

Close to 60% of Indians with Internet access from home or work visited an online store in November 2011, an increase of 18% in unique visitors from the previous year. Deals and coupon sites have contributed to this increase in online shopping, with 16% having visited a coupon site. Traffic on coupon sites increased by a whopping 629% from 2010. Estimate by ComScore suggests that all of India’s coupon sites attracted 7.6mil. visitors in total in November.

5.       Images captured on Smartphones increased

Photo-sharing mobile apps such as Instagram, which saw its user base increase from 1.0mil. to over 15.0mil. in 2011, have gained immense popularity and contributed to the shift from conventional cameras to smartphones in image capturing. A study by NPD Group found that smartphones took 27% of photos in 2011, an increase of 10% from the previous year. Conversely, conventional cameras took 44%, down from 52%.

6.       B2B marketers increasing use of social media

Business-to-business (B2B) companies are increasingly using social media as part of their marketing matrix.  According to iTracks’ statistics, 89% of US B2Bs were using social media marketing as of May 2011. Sagefrog Marketing Group reports that LinkedIn remains the leading platform of choice, with 58% B2B users in the US, compared to Facebook (50%) and Twitter (43%).

7.       Consumers not turning to social media for local business information

In the US, the Internet is the number one source people turn to for information on local eateries and businesses, followed by newspapers and word-of-mouth. 51% of American adults use the Internet to look for news and information about local restaurants, bars and clubs. Surprisingly, only 3% turn to social networking sites, as compared to the 38% who perform search engine queries.

8.       Measurement challenges stump marketers

A survey conducted by voice-based marketing automation platform Ifbyphone found that 82% of marketing executives surveyed expect every campaign to be measured. Yet, only 26% think they can effectively measure Return on Investment (ROI) for social media marketing. Of the various tools used to measure marketing campaigns, only 30% of respondents used social media monitoring tools. These challenges with data analyses similarly resound tell how marketers are still struggling with social media.

9.       How new ‘e-tailers’ are discovered in China

42.71% of Chinese consumers discover new online retailers, or ‘e-tailers’, via Taobao, 27.51% through online advertising and 18.22% through friends.  Surprisingly, 11.18% of Chinese consumers discover new e-tailers through Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), compared to only 3.14% via social networking.  Apparently, search and word-of-mouth are still important factors.

10.   Most tweets per second

The TV screening of highly popular Japanese anime “Castle in the Sky” set a new record for most tweets per second with 25,088 tweets per second earlier November 2011. It surpassed the previous record of nearly 9,000 tweets per second following the announcement of Beyonce’s pregnancy. This is testament to Twitter’s popularity in Japan, estimated at 10,000mil. users.

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